How We Work

We’re not hired to create something ordinary. We’re hired because we listen, strategize and revolutionize the course of our clients’ businesses. The development of the project is considered complete when you are thoroughly satisfied with the end result.

1. We Analyze

We get to know you and your business. We analyze each details you can provide us and from there we will shape that information and apply it to the web.

2. Structure and Strategy

Determining and documenting the architecture and core functions. With this we can map your business flow and be able to generate a blueprint as a guide on the development phase.

3. Design and Scheme

We work on typography and color scheme you desired to appear on the web. From your choices and information you have entrusted us we bring out the brand you envision.

4. Responsive Layouts

We consider the appearance and display of the project on different screens (mobile, tablet, laptop and on any technology the website can be opened). Compatibility on different browsers is also highly considered.

5. Core Development

We integrate the functions with the finished scheme of your web.

6. Quality

We do quality assurance procedures to make sure the site is 100% free from issues. We value the quality on each projects we are engaged.

7. Trainings

When we handover the finished product, we also equipped you with knowledge to control and manage your site.